Eye Candy Model: Zavier Adonnis Steward

Zavier Addonis Steward is a fitness trainer and has played football for Missouri Valley College. An athlete who has been covered as having a career full of potential, Zavier is in extraordinarily good shape, so much so that it’s catalogued extensively on his Instagram account. He’s an inspiration to those who may feel they aren’t capable of getting in shape as he points out being 150 pounds nearly a decade ago, a far cry from where he is now. He had an accident over a year ago and has been working rehabilitating his muscles since, taking his fans and followers along step by step through the process. For those interested in more than just looking, we’re sorry to break it to you, he’s taken.Glitzers, check out our Eye Candy model Zavier Adonnis Steward and follow him on social media below:Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


Source: Eye Candy Model: Zavier Adonnis Steward